Spiral Gear


What is a spiral gear?

Spiral gears are a type of mechanical gear that is designed to transmit power and motion between two rotating shafts at an angle. They are commonly used in a variety of industrial applications, including automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, where precise and efficient power transmission is required.

In summary, spiral gears are a versatile and efficient type of mechanical gear that is well-suited to a wide range of industrial applications. Their unique helical design allows for smooth and quiet operation, while their high efficiency ensures that more of the power input is used to turn the output shaft. With careful selection and proper maintenance, spiral gears can provide reliable and long-lasting performance in a variety of settings.

The spiral gear has several advantages, including:

Smoother operation: The helical teeth of the helical gear engage gradually to help reduce vibration and noise
Higher Efficiency: Helical gears with helical teeth also provide higher efficiency than straight bevel gears
Greater strength: The helical teeth of helical gears are also stronger than straight cut helical teeth

Some additional benefits of using spiral gear:

Longer Life: Helical gears have a longer life than straight bevel gears
Reduced maintenance: Helical gears require less maintenance than straight cut bevel gears
Lower cost: Helical gears are usually less expensive than straight cut bevel gears


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